Proseminar Komplexe Adaptive Systeme


 Name Thema  Ausarbeitung Folien
 Ljuljzim Aljimi Modeling the Interaction of Attention and Emotion AljimiAusarbeitung AljimiFolien
 Jana Böckling Simulation of a Proposed Binding Model    
Patrick Guttner Synchronisation-Based Computational Learning of Attention-Guided Object Selection and Novelty Detection GuttnerAusarbeitung GuttnerFolien
Rüdiger Brause  Evolutionäre Algorithmen   BrauseFolien
 Roozbeh Hassan Vand Advanced Evolutionary Design of Genreralized Recurrent Neural Networks HassanAusarbeitung HassanFolien
 Christoph Knopp Discovering Fuzzy Classifiers by Genetic Algorithms KnoppAusarbeitung KnoppFolien
Alexander Schmid Reinforcement Learning – The Reinforcement Learning Problem SchmidAusarbeitung SchmidFolien
 Daniel Radeloff Ameisenalgorithmen RadeloofAusarbeitung RadeloffFolien
  Reinforcement Learning – Einführung in „Dynamic Programming“    
  Reinforcement Learning – Anwendung von „Dynamic Programming“    
  Methods for Combining Experts 'Probability Assessments'    
  Anticipation-Based Control Architecture for a Mobile Robot    
  A Case Study of Development Robotics in Understanding „Object Permanence“    
  The Recomendation Architecture Model for Human Cognition    

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